Velocity’s Machines can carry out fast and efficient repairs (Usually no longer than two minutes each), which means shorter road closure and improved public perception.
Far More Cost Effective
An average repair cost less than a third of the price of conventional methods.
Reduced Insurance Claims
The efficiency of the process and the fast removal of carriageway defects reduce the number of insurance claims from road users.
Very Low Carbon Emissions
Exceptionally low CO2 emissions, as materials are 100% cold applied.
No Excavation, Minimum Waste Material
As we don’t need to excavate or cut out the defect, there is minimal waste, therefore reducing landfill costs. As materials are used only when filling the defect, no further waste is created.
Road Immediately Open to Traffic
Compaction levels are better than conventional methods due to the layer-by-layer application. Materials are forced jigsaw-like to fully bond with the road surface reducing the risk of further road base damage.