Velocity developed its own fully integrated web enabled software with mobile interface and back office.
Efficient Worker is a tailor made mobile application for Velocity Global to manage its operations.
The software integrates all velocity operations into one global operations Hub.
The mobile application and back office Interface are used for different tasks allowing Beirut office to monitor simultaneously and momentarily the day to day operations in all countries.
The application is supported by a back office system as a control panel to set up the parameters and generate reports.
The system is able to generate:

  • Transaction Report
  • Client Report
  • Client Tracking Report
  • Casa Transaction Report
  • Billing Report
  • Quality Control Report
  • Engineering Report
  • Budget Report

Transparency is the key to trust, so Velocity Global makes sure to be very transparent with its clients through its system that generates a client report showing every pothole before and after maintenance along with all the measures.
In addition to that, the system is able to generate a tracking report showing the location of each pothole on the globe map.
You can install efficient worker on any mobile device that runs Android operating systems (mobile phones and tablets) and IOS system for client and administrator mode.